Windows and Doors

IMG_1311 [1600x1200]SharpTooth Homes and Renovations supplies and installs windows that come with a lifetime warranty in 26 colours to match any decor, plus we can install a fibreglass door stained to look like a wood door with composite jambs and brickmold, maintenance is a thing of the past. The only thing you will have to do is clean them, no more summer weekends painting and staining doors and windows that barely or don’t even open anymore. We have many styles and options to suite any style of house. Call us to get the best installation around. Every window is installed and sealed four to five times with caulking, spray foam and tuck tape which will save you money in heating bills.. We can supply windows for your project is you are looking to safe a bit of money as well. Just give us the measurements and we will get them ordered and delivered in 3-6 weeks pending factory work load.